Tracy Walker | from there to here...

My work as a photographer has it's roots in a personal creative journey. It began as a need to explore creatively beyond my work as an illustrator & graphic designer, a professional life that began more than 25 years ago.
Collaboration with art directors, clients and designers has always been an incredibly enjoyable and satisfying process, and a place I continue to thrive. That said, to be a creative person for life requires what I affectionately call "feeding the beast" –the infusion of experiences beyond the everyday that fuel the soul and open one's eyes a little wider.
We all land in this place eventually. Sometimes frequently within our careers. The well gets a bit dry, and what used to flow easily becomes work. So, I spent some time painting, printmaking, paper sculpting, exploring textiles, but there was a desire for passion, to feel "on fire" in a new medium, and that remained unmet–that is, until I picked up the camera. again.
I say again because I have always carried a camera. Mostly on vacation, snapping friends & family. It was always there in the background. But this time, I committed to learning from the beginning– cooking from scratch. Photography was a medium where I could gather together and express a lifetime's experience. Composition, colour, design, storytelling & communication–it was all here, and I fell into it head first.
I hope you enjoy the work you see here. It will continue to grow as I do, and evolve as we all hope to in our creative lives.
Tracy Walker
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